About Puyallup Tribal Enterprises

Puyallup Tribal Enterprises (PTE) is the economic development arm of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, one of the largest Indian tribes in the Pacific Northwest. Socially, our objectives are to increase the land asset base for the Tribe and to create jobs and job training opportunities for tribal members. Economically, PTE is focused on leveraging our existing assets to generate above-market returns for the Tribe and our strategic partners. 

Our Business Process

PTE applies analysis, strategic decision-making, and agile execution to every business decision, including unsolicited proposals received by the Tribe and our own economic development initiatives. Often we are able to create innovative deal structures to maximize benefits to the Tribe as well as our business partners and tenants. Our efforts also benefit the region and its citizens through job creation, tax revenues, and other contributions.

PTE was incorporated by the Puyallup Tribe of Indians on December 2, 2022, pursuant to the powers vested with the Tribal Council under the Tribal Constitution and By-Laws.