What We Value

Our mission is to maximize the social and economic value of Puyallup Tribal assets.

Social Values

Every strategic decision is  evaluated and prioritized based on how each contributes to the following social objectives: 

  • Financial Stability. PTE considers how each business decision impacts the long-term economic position of the Tribe. We proactively take the appropriate steps today to plan for tomorrow.
  • Land Acquisition. Our objective is to expand our land holdings through strategic investments to preserve land for future generations.
  • Job Creation. Our objective is to create jobs and job training opportunities across numerous industries for qualified Tribal members.

Economic Value

To achieve our social objectives PTE is focused on establishing a strong economic foundation. Our primary objectives are:

  • Activate Existing Assets. PTE manages a wealth of assets with the potential to generate significant economic returns. Our objective is to activate assets and leverage the returns to fund future growth.
  • Build Asset Base. PTE seeks to build an asset base that generates significant, stable, and sustainable dividends for the Tribe.